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Through continued breakthroughs in engineered biology, we are entering a new era of medicine. Engineered biomolecules are hitting ‘undruggable’ targets, the immune system is being optimized to fight cancer, CRISPR is being used for lightning-fast diagnostics, and the microbes within us are being harnessed and modified to target skin, gastrointestinal, and autoimmune conditions. With these breakthroughs — and more in the works — it is more important than ever to ensure that we are pursuing the right goals. Biopharmaceuticals must be affordable for those who need them, and we must not lose sight of global disease burden. And, as data sharing because more critical for democratizing clinical applications such as diagnostics, we must ensure than in our efforts toward the global good we don’t harm the individual. Learn how synthetic biology is tackling the biopharma and health stage, and the ethical implications that we should all be considering.

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Sandor Schoichet

Sandor Schoichet

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Biomolecules can address diseases in immunology, oncology, genetic defects, and many other conditions that small molecule drugs simply cannot treat. But discovering and creating biomolecules, manufacturing them at scale, then formulating and delivering them to patients are all completely different – and difficult. Synthetic biology is a critical new tool, as the historical means of engineering genes and proteins are running into both technical and economic limitations. The frontier of biopharmaceuticals today – engineering not just genes or proteins, but entire cells as therapeutic agents – is an even clearer fit with synthetic biology’s tools and techniques.

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