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Synthetic biology is a catalyst that will transform manufacturing and our economy into a bio-centric engine. This shift will require new ways of measuring, securing, and nurturing advanced biotechnology as it enters most every aspect of our lives. Learn how we can think and act on aspects of policy, biosecurity, and the bioeconomy — both individually and collectively — so that our bioeconomy and our society may flourish for years to come.

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Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter

Science Policy Consulting LLC

James Schroeder

James Schroeder

BioInnovation Legal

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The CRISPR twins: bioethics for the gene-editing age

Should the human genome be altered and if so, how much? How will we mitigate potential mistakes? Are “designer babies” acceptable? Should human embryos be edited at all? Tackling these questions will help ensure our genetic safety as CRISPR technology evolves. READ MORE


Op/ed: Synthetic biology and the new culture of responsibility

It is in the interest of the synthetic biology community to ensure that its tools are neither used, nor attempted to be used, for nefarious purposes. Either scenario could trigger severe government regulations that would hamper innovation and growth in the sector. READ MORE


How to win in the bioeconomy: A peek at Rob Carlson’s playbook

We sat down with Carlson to pick his brain about the latest revenue technology data from his Bioeconomy Dashboard and what trends are tickling his interest these days, covering topics from the synthetic biology stack to some striking industry trends. READ MORE