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Kunwoo Lee


Dr. Kunwoo Lee is the Co-Founder and CEO of GenEdit. He received a PhD from UC Berkeley in the Department of Bioengineering. He is the inventor of several delivery technologies for CRISPR/Cas9, which have shown great potential to revolutionize the treatment of genetic disorders. He was named as a Forbes 30 under 30 [...]

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Matt Klusas


Matt Klusas is the Managing Director of West Oxford Advisors. Matt previously held executive roles at Life Technologies, Thermo-Fisher Scientific, and OmniSeq with an emphasis on DNA sequencing. He lives in Washington, DC area.

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Tom Simmons


Tom Simmons, Founder and CEO of Cambridge Glycoscience Tom Simmons is Founder and CEO of Cambridge Glycoscience, a Cambridge and Silicon Valley-based start-up whose mission is to tackle excessive sugar consumption worldwide. Tom is also a mentor and supervisor at Judge Business School, Cambridge and was previously a Royal Society of [...]

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Lisa Nip


Lisa Nip, synthetic biologist at the MIT Media Lab. Lisa Nip is a synthetic biologist at the MIT Media Lab and has worked in various subfields of biology, including DNA lesions, DNA origami, and gene editing technologies. Her talk on how humans can leverage biotechnology to prepare themselves for long-term space [...]

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Anna Fokina


Anna Fokina, Sr. Associate at DCVC Bio Anna works as a Sr. Associate at DCVC Bio, early stage VC fund focused on agtech and computational life science. Previously she was on the investment team at Monsanto Growth Ventures (MGV) and worked at long-short equity hedge funds Moore Capital Management and SC [...]

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Oliver Morton


Oliver Morton, The Economist‘s briefings editor. Oliver Morton is The Economist‘s briefings editor. Before coming to The Economist as energy and environment editor in 2009, he was the chief news and features editor of Nature, the international scientific journal. He specialises in the energy business, climate science and policy, and other [...]

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John Nicols


John Nicols, President and Chief Executive Officer of Codexis. An industry veteran, John Nicols had more than 22 years at Albemarle Corporation, a maker of highly engineered specialty chemicals, before joining Codexis in 2012. He held positions at Albemarle as senior vice president for strategic development and catalysts, and vice president [...]

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Junichi Sugahara


Junichi Sugahara, Director and Executive Officer of Spiber. Established in 2007, Spiber Inc. is a biotech startup based in Yamagata, Japan. Spiber’s revolutionary protein materials have garnered wide attention for their potential to serve as sustainable mainstay industrial materials, due to their low environmental impact, biodegradability, and non-reliance on traditional petroleum [...]

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Michelle Adelman


Michelle Adelman, CEO of Accite Holdings. Michelle Adelman is a seasoned strategist, recognized business leader and fierce social advocate.  She is the founder of Accite, a boutique project development and impact investment firm focused on technology-led agriculture and food security projects in growth markets, particularly Southern Africa.  Accite’s investment philosophy brings [...]

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Esther Dyson


Esther Dyson, Executive Founder of Wellville Executive founder of Wellville, Esther (@edyson on Twitter) is an active angel investor, best-selling author, board member and advisor concentrating on emerging markets and technologies, new space and health. She sits on the boards of 23andMe and Wellpass (txt4baby), and is an investor in Big [...]

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