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David Younger


David Younger, Co-Founder and CEO of A-Alpha Bio. David Younger is the Co-Founder and CEO of A-Alpha Bio, which provides high-throughput and quantitative characterization of protein-protein interactions for industry and academic applications. During his PhD, he worked with David Baker and Eric Klavins to develop synthetic biology tools that remove the [...]

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Michael Freeman


Michael Freeman, Research Associate at Paradigm Capital. Michael is an equities research associate covering the biotechnology, healthcare, and cannabis sectors at Paradigm Capital. Michael holds a MASc in chemical engineering from the University of Toronto. His Masters research focused on chemotherapeutic nanomedicines and their encompassing clinical and regulatory environments. Michael also [...]

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Randy Rettberg


Randy Rettberg, President of the iGEM Foundation Randy Rettberg is the President of the iGEM Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of synthetic biology, education and competition, and the development of an open community and collaboration. This is done by fostering an open, cooperative community and friendly competition. [...]

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Todd Peterson


Todd Peterson, Chief Scientific Officer at the Allen Institute. Todd Peterson is the Chief Scientific Officer at the Allen Institute. With over 35 years of experience in academic research and biotechnology R&D spanning molecular genetics, genomics, cell biology and synthetic biology engineering, his experience encompasses clinical diagnostics, life science research tools, pharmaceutical discovery and industrial biotechnology markets, products [...]

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Bill Peck


Bill Peck, Chief Technology Officer at Twist Bioscience Bill Peck is an expert in managing difficult technology projects and delivering robust scalable biological manufacturing processes. At Complete Genomics he developed sequencer fluidics systems, including silicon nano-array flowcell, and oversaw instrument integration into Human Genome Sequencing Factory. At Agilent, Bill architected two [...]

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Tim Gardner


Tim Gardner, Founder and CEO of Riffyn Tim Gardner is the Founder and the CEO of Riffyn.  He was previously Vice President of Research & Development at Amyris, where he led the engineering of yeast strain and processes technology for large-scale bio-manufacturing of renewable chemicals.  Earlier, he was an Assistant Professor [...]

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Frances Arnold


Frances Arnold, Professor at the California Institute of Technology Frances Arnold is the Linus Pauling Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Biochemistry and Director of the Rosen Bioengineering Center at the California Institute of Technology, where she has been on the faculty since 1986. Recognized most recently with the 2018 Nobel [...]

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Marijn Dekkers


Marijn Dekkers, chairman of the board of directors and strategic advisor to Ginkgo Bioworks Dr. Marijn Dekkers, former CEO of Bayer AG and of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., is the chairman of the board of directors and strategic advisor to Ginkgo Bioworks, the organism company. Dekkers brings more than 25 years [...]

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Casey Lippmeier


Casey Lippmeier, Vice President of Research and Development for Conagen. J. Casey Lippmeier, PhD. has more than 20 years of experience translating science into products in the biotechnology industry. Casey is Vice President of Research and Development for Conagen Inc. – a fully integrated biomanufacturing company which uses synthetic biology to [...]

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Alex Lorestani


Alex Lorestani, Co-founder and CEO of Geltor Alex Lorestani is co-founder and CEO of Geltor, the conscious biodesign company that has created the largest selection of 100% animal- and GMO-free, globally scalable, and sustainably cultivated designer proteins. He is strongly motivated by the positive impact that Geltor’s protein design and production [...]

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