Eric Hobbs

Eric Hobbs, CEO of Berkeley Lights

Dr. Eric D. Hobbs joined Berkeley Lights in May 2013 and rose to the CEO rank in 2017.  Under Eric’s guidance the Berkeley Lights team realized a more than 5-fold  revenue increase over 2 years, raised $95 million in funding, released multiple new products, was named as a top 10 most innovative company in BioTech, and dramatically transformed the company culture.  Before serving as CEO, Eric led Berkeley Lights’ Consumable Organization and Operations and designed, developed, and launched multiple product architectures at FormFactor Inc. as a senior member of R&D, Operations, and Marketing organizations.  He holds more than 50 U.S. and international patents.  Dr. Hobbs has lectured both at UC Berkeley and Stanford speaking on Engineering Design, Invention, and Optimization Algorithms.  Eric earned a Ph.D. & M.S. in MEMS Design and Microfluidic Devices at UC Berkeley, a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from USC, and a B.A. in Liberal Arts with minors in Mathematics and Physics from Saint Mary’s College of California.