Keira Havens

Keira Havens, Industry and Regulatory Affairs Manager at Pivot Bio.

Keira Havens has been deeply involved in synthetic biology as a scientist, an entrepreneur, a communicator, and a thought leader. Her work has engaged all facets of the synthetic biology economy in the pursuit of beautiful biotechnology – well designed, elegant solutions to intractable problems. In her current role as Industry and Regulatory Affairs Manager she is excited to be working with the Pivot Bio team on the problem of precision nutrient delivery, harnessing the innate capability of the soil microbiome to provide nitrogen and other key nutrients that crops need. Pivot Bio’s sustainable, microbe-based crop nutrition solution offers an opportunity to provide nitrogen to the next generation of agriculture efficiently and effectively.  Ms. Havens combines technical expertise and industry experience with a broad network in academia, industry, and government, giving her a comprehensive perspective when analyzing the opportunities and challenges facing the field of biotechnology.