Kevin Ness

Kevin Ness, CEO of Inscripta.

Kevin Ness is the chief executive officer of Inscripta, a gene-editing technology company. Under his leadership, the company is liberating the scientific community by giving them a clear path to pursue new research and discoveries. Inscripta will provide full solutions essential for forward cell-engineering, including a family of CRISPR enzymes (called MADzymes), custom nucleases for researchers and commercial partners, and a full suite of gene-editing tools (instruments, reagents, and software) that will significantly increase the speed and efficiency of multiplexed, precision gene editing using a novel platform.

One of the most respected leaders at the forefront of genome engineering technologies, Kevin specializes in turning rapidly commercializing early stage ideas into successful ventures developing new paradigms to measure complex biological information at unprecedented resolution. He previously founded and built two groundbreaking companies in the genome reading space, QuantaLife and 10x Genomics. A mechanical engineer, he is a true tool builder at heart, and has committed his life to building the best-in-class solutions for biologists. A native of California, he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering from University of California Santa Barbara and his doctorate in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.