Marilene Pavan

Marilene Pavan, Automation Scientist at LanzaTech – Synthetic Biology Group

Brazilian Automation Scientist, Marilene Pavan, works at carbon recycling company, LanzaTech. A Biologist and Specialist in the Strategic Management of Technological Innovation, Marilene is driven to make the synthetic biology framework faster and more reproducible in order to accelerate innovations, via bioproduct synthesis, that can lead to important societal changes. Marilene is also a founding member of BioMaC (, and an organizer of the IWBMA (International Workshop in BioManufacturing Automation). Before joining LanzaTech, she was working as Manager of the DAMP Lab ( and as a member of the STEM Pathways program (, the main objective of which is to inspire, mentor, train, and empower current and future generations of students, with a focus on underrepresented groups.