Miller Tran

Miller Tran, Vice President of Research and Development at Triton Algae Innovations

Dr. Tran is a co-founder of Triton Algae Innovations and is the Vice President of Research and Development. At Triton, Dr. Tran oversees the research and development efforts to identify powerful new microbial organisms, to develop scalable processes to turn those microbes into industrial powerhouses, and to implement product incorporation strategies. Dr. Tran also leads the effort to develop a robust patent portfolio carving out a unique niche for Triton. Dr. Tran has authored and been awarded two small business grants from the National Science Foundation thereby helping to raise an additional $862,000 in non-dilutive research money.

Dr. Tran is a co-author on 5 published patents, 4 pending patents and 15 international peer review research articles. Dr. Tran earned his Ph.D. degree in Molecular and Cell Biology and BS degree in Biochemistry and Cell biology from UC San Diego.