Stephanie Michelsen

Stephanie Michelsen, Writer and Editor at SynBioBeta

Stephanie Michelsen is pursuing her M.Sc. in Biotechnology at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She recently got accepted as an International Innovation Program (2ip) fellow, a program designed to connect Danish life science students with the biotech start-up industry in the Bay Area. She is therefore currently living in the San Francisco Sunset district with four other Danish students learning about biotech entrepreneurship. As a 2ip fellow and as a writer and editor for SynBioBeta she is fortunate enough to further explore her interest in the many possibilities of synthetic biology. While her passion is biotech entrepreneurship, she is also a strong advocate for interdisciplinary and intercultural workplaces from growing up in Denmark, Sweden, and the U.S.This belief she also put this into action during her time as a board member for the non-profit student organization Synapse Life Science Connect by encouraging exchange students and students outside the life sciences to both join the organization and its events. In 2018 Stephanie also joined the Copenhagen iGEM team and won a gold medal with their ground-breaking pharMARS-y idea, later highlighted on national TV and media in Denmark. When Stephanie is not spending her energy on biotechnology and synthetic biology she enjoys hiking in California’s national parks with her two Australian Shepherds, Bowie and Indie.