Cell-Free Biology

Cells are protein factories, and for years we’ve been using cells to produce the proteins we need. But cells are also finicky, and optimizing conditions to get cells to produce high levels of pure protein can be tricky, time consuming, and costly. And, some proteins are toxic to the cells used to produce them. Cell-free technologies are transforming the way we think about protein production. Learn about the technologies used to go from DNA to protein without the cell and its finicky ways — and how cell-free biology will affect sectors from biopharma to food and beverages.

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Cell-free expression

New cell-free expression system runs on linear DNA

Arbor Biosciences believes tight coupling between cell-free expression and high-throughput screening will both accelerate and simplify synthetic biology and biotechnology in general. READ MORE

Cell-free expression

Cell-free expression platforms enable new possibilities at iGEM and beyond

We can now go from DNA to protein without worrying about the finicky needs of the cell. This reduces time and cost, and allows us to produce proteins that might be toxic to cells or that require special conditions to fold correctly and be functional. READ MORE


GreenLight Biosciences Announces $50 Million Funding Round

With its unique cell-free bioproduction platform, GreenLight is capable of delivering cost effective, high quality RNA solutions to human, animal, and plant challenges, without damaging our environment. READ MORE