Tom Treynor

Tom Treynor, CTO and Principal Consultant at Treynor Consulting

Tom has over a decade of experience in industrial biotechnology, where he’s worn his lab coat alongside everyone from strain improvement scientists to analytical chemists to process engineers and Brazilian plant operators. He is passionate about helping all manner of technical experts to design more efficient and effective experiments, and to use their data to develop remarkably reproducible research processes and robust manufacturing processes in surprisingly little time. The breadth and depth of his experience brings a complementary perspective to any team, one that is rooted in fundamental principles of physics, chemistry and biology.

Tom was most recently VP Product Development and Application Support at Riffyn, a maker of cloud software that helps interdisciplinary technical teams collaboratively collect and prepare their data for rich statistical analysis and effective data science. While Director of Test Operations at Zymergen, Tom led a team of Fermentation Engineers, Analytical Chemists and High-Throughput Screeners that crafted some of the world’s most accurate strain performance measurement systems. As both a Principal Quality Engineer and Protein Engineer at Amyris, Tom made distinct contributions to the development of its anti-malarial, fuels, polymers, lubricants and F&F products. Tom also innovated high-throughput screening methods as a post-doctoral protein engineer at Caltech, after receiving his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Stanford and a combined B.S./M.S. degree in Chemistry from Yale.