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One of the most difficult challenges facing synthetic biology is measuring what matters. How do we know which experimental data are important? How do we identify the best amino acid sequence to create our desired protein? What parameters do we measure — and seek to control — in the laboratory? Automation, AI, and the Internet of Things are just a few examples of technology platforms being leveraged by industry and research groups to measure what really matters. Learn more about emerging technology platforms and how they could propel your work forward in this session.

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Is there a place for biologists in the age of automation?

The future of biological researchers stands only to benefit from automation. Far from being displaced by automation, scientists will have greater tools and time to tackle our most complex questions in biology. READ MORE


Synthetic biology and reproducibility meet on the Internet (of Things)

Biology is not simple, and cells do not yield their secrets so readily. Fortunately, companies are devising and implementing new tools to make biology, if not easier to engineer, simpler to understand. Biological measurements must be consistent for the field to progress. READ MORE


Measuring what matters: A Q&A with Agilent’s Darlene Solomon

We spoke with Darlene Solomon, CTO of Agilent, one of the leaders in raising the bar when it comes to measuring what matters in synthetic biology. Here are her thoughts on how hardware platforms, IoT, and government initiatives are enabling accurate and sensitive biological measurements — and where we have room to grow. READ MORE


Why the future of protein design rests on cloud computing and machine learning

According to Alexandre Zanghellini, CEO and co-founder of Arzeda, machine learning has great potential to find correlations and patterns that can be used for protein design — far beyond what an engineer or a computer scientist could come up with. READ MORE

synbio stack

How the synbio stack is allowing startups to flourish in the land of biotech giants

The synbio stack is transforming the competitive landscape by allowing small startups to flourish in the land of the biotech giants. Now even small biotech startups have a chance to use the same design and manufacturing techniques that have powered innovation in aerospace, computer chips, and countless other industries. READ MORE